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Adrian Gaudebert @adngdb

New life goal: being able to tell someone "I'm younger than you now. "

That one... might not be easy.

@adngdb Either equivalent to invent a time machine, or to fly in space at a high-enough altitude to trigger relativity theory edge-cases.

I just wanted to tell you good luck, and we're all counting on you.

@bnjbvr Science nowadays says that time traveling is impossible, so yeah, I was counting on relativity there.

Flying next to a black hole does the trick, right? I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

@almet T'as pas vu le film Interstellar ? :)

La théorie de la relativité fait que tu peux vieillir moins vite que quelqu'un d'autre, notamment si tu te déplaces à grande vitesse loin de la terre. Du coup, j'envisage de faire ça et de revenir sur Terre plus jeune que quelqu'un qui était plus jeune que moi avant.