Those last few years, I've been playing a lot of digital card games, but I've also been making one! Today I'm starting to publish a Study of Digital Card Games, where I go through the history of the genre, analyze the big changes that happened, and try to figure out where the next innovations will be.

Read the introduction here:

The first part of this series is about the Holy Father of them all, Magic: The Gathering. This game set the foundations of the genre, and thus is a mandatory element to study.

Let's dig into the history of the digital CCG genre! This first part looks at games published between 2002 (MTGO) and 2016 (Eternal). That includes, of course, Hearthstone!

Today we continue down the history of the digital CCG genre, looking at major games published between 2017 (Faeria) and 2020 (Legends of Runeterra). The golden years of digital card games!

It's time to look at the design of digital CCGs in details! What do those games have in common, what has already been explored, and where will the next innovation be? You'll find all that in my newest article:


The last article of my series about digital CCGs is live! To close it up, I share some lessons I have learned while working on my own card game. Enjoy the read!

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